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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Music we love to practice Reiki by: Saggio

What better music to practice Reiki by than the music of a Reiki practitioner?

Saggio wasn't even a musician, but after he was attuned to Reiki, he took up the Native American style flute at the age of 51. He studied with famed Native American musician R. Carlos Nakai, and now he not only records healing music but provides individual healing sessions with native flute and crystal singing bowls. Click on the Saggio button to listen and find out more. And remember, a small portion of every purchase you make via our links goes to help support The Reiki Digest. Our continuing thanks to iTunes for being one of our sponsors.

And if the music makes you want to take up the instrument yourself, Saggio also sells Native American style flutes.


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