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Monday, April 19, 2010

Waka Challenge Day 11: Completion, and a new start

Welcome to Day 11 of our month-long Waka Challenge.

Yesterday, Jay began a waka:

Today I wake
with sunshine in my eyes

Three readers have responded so far with the rest of the waka. You might notice some variations on both the standard waka form and Jay's original lines:

Today I wake
with sunshine in my eyes
All night we held hands
Your long blond hair spilling across the pillows
Through the open window, the staccato drill of a woodpecker
(from Stephen W. Leslie)


Today I awoke
With sunlight blinding my eyes,
Yet still I could see
The geese joyfully honking,
The cherry blossoms floating.
(from budo adana)

Today I wake
with sunshine in my eyes
cherry blossoms
these fleeting moments,
those merry days of youth
(from Beth Lowell)

Beth Lowell has also given us our next waka beginning:

we watched the stars
falling through the morning sky

To finish this waka, add your lines as a comment to this post, or email them to editor @ Or if you prefer, send us a completed waka. Our second annual Waka Fest continues through May 9.


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