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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Waka Challenge Day 3

Our goal is to post at least one waka a day from April 9 through May 9 in our second annual Waka Fest. Apparently, the beach was on one waka writer's mind this morning!

the rocks at Gloucester
slippery with green
the tide

at low tide
glistening sand
meets a pale sky
with only a sliver
of silver between

Low tide
Cotuit morning
we follow the bubbles
a lifetime ago

looking out
the night train's window
but because of the lights
I can't see anything
but myself looking in

the dogs
circle like sharks
as company wades through them
they break through the surface
delivering kisses

long before sunrise
I hear the birds singing
I finally fall back
fitful, to find
they've nested in my dreams

by Beth Lowell


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