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Thursday, April 08, 2010

The weekly waka, waka, and waka

Waka Fest 2010 is officially under way, and here are three contributions to get us started:

Energy is life
emanating from all things--
gives substance to form,
connecting us back to source
leaving healing in its wake.

By Susan Ragazzo

washing the dishes -
my morning meditation
and looking outside
I anticipate nothing
and just watch the dogs playing

By Beth Lowell

No Marty, no tree,
Spring brings birds, new grass pops up
My maple, My tree!
Shade, Stately protection..Prince
among my neighbors' trees. Gone.

By Phillip Racette

(Waka wanted: If you'd like to contribute a waka, check out these guidelines, write your waka, and email it to editor @

Even more waka wanted for our second annual Waka Fest! We're aiming for at least one waka a day from our readers for the 2010 Waka Challenge.


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