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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

New formats, new editors

As we enter our fifth year of publication this month, The Reiki Digest is moving to an expanded format and welcoming several new editors.

Since June 2006, we have been a weekly online publication, available on our web site as well as by email and feeds. Going forward, we'll be publishing on the web site more frequently, to keep up with breaking news and, we hope, livelier conversation. Our email edition will move from weekly to monthly, and each edition will be a digest, so to speak, of everything we've covered on the web site during the month. And by Fall 2010, we hope that new monthly Reiki Digest will also be available in a print, or at least printoutable, format.

As for the email edition, we've heard your suggestions: from now on our email edition will be even more condensed. Long articles will include links to continue reading on our web site so that we don't clog your inbox unnecessarily.

The Reiki Digest began as a one-person project, but in order to grow from here, we need more Reiki hands to help out. So we'd like you to meet our new staff:

Janet Dagley Dagley, Editor and Publisher

The Reiki Digest founder will continue to be involved in all of the publication's new formats. A multi-certified Reiki Master Teacher and longtime qigong practitioner, Janet had a successful career in journalism before dedicating herself to the healing arts. She now practices and teaches in New York City and Hoboken, New Jersey.

Pamela Miles, Editor at Large

The author of Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide as well as numerous medical journal articles,  Pamela has been practicing Reiki since 1986 and has been a pioneer in working with Reiki in medical environments. She also appeared on The Dr. Oz Show in January to demonstrate Reiki not only to a studio audience but millions of viewers. Her blog, Reiki Central, just celebrated its first anniversary with a free webinar (available now on demand) in which she answers questions from readers. She has a private practice in New York City.

Beth Lowell, Senior Editor

Beth is an animal Reiki practitioner and offers holistic services for pets through her business, Animal Spirit. She teaches Reiki, including Reiki for animals, in Morristown, New Jersey. Beth was formerly The Reiki Digest's Contributing Editor, and once jumped in at a moment's notice to put together an entire issue in an emergency. She's also a prolific waka writer and coordinated our recent Waka Challenge.

Heather Alexander, Contributing Editor

Heather is a former BBC reporter who's now a Reiki practitioner and teacher at Brooklyn Reiki in New York City. She was a Reiki Digest guest editor last month, and a translation of her article here on Reiki and Parkinson's disease will soon appear in the French publication Reiki Forum.

Cymber Lily Conn, Special Correspondent

Reiki Master/Teacher and harpist Cymber Lily Conn is based on the Big Island of Hawaii. She has written several articles for The Reiki Digest, including a feature on an historic Reiki clinic in Hilo, as well as Reiki healing harp music for readers to use in their Reiki meditations. Look for her article on Reiki and harp healing later this week in our June edition.

Going forward, you may not see us in your inbox as often, but we'll be posting to The Reiki Digest web site several times a week and inviting you to add your voice to the mix. If there's really big breaking news, we might send you a brief unscheduled email, but otherwise, you can still keep up with the latest developments and discussion in real time by subscribing to our news feed -- or just stop by our web site more often. We'll bring you the best of the best by email each month, and soon, in a more conventional magazine format as well -- something that we hope will be nice to have in the waiting room where you practice, or on the coffee table at home. And there will be many more opportunities for other writers to contribute articles to the Digest.

Watch your inbox later this week for our June edition, or you can drop by our web site to check out Cymber's article on Reiki and harp healing. Find out what a 17th-century scientific discovery has to do with the vibrations of music, Reiki, and healing.

We'll be hosting the Carnival of Healing on Independence Day weekend in July, and Rose De Dan will be our guest editor next month.


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