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Monday, June 07, 2010

The Reiki Digest writers guidelines

As promised, here are the writers guidelines for article submissions to The Reiki Digest.

The Reiki Digest Writers Guidelines

The Reiki Digest welcomes articles from Reiki practitioners of all levels and backgrounds and seeks to add new writers that represent the diversity that exists among te Reiki community.

Well thought out and spell-checked articles can be about any aspect of Reiki, but must not stray from the topic of Reiki. These can include but are not limited to:

Research and studies about Reiki
Reiki Precepts
Distant Healing
Professional Reiki practice
Personal Reiki practice
Reiki History
Reiki for animals and plants

Articles about Reiki and other modalities are also welcome, although all references to other modalities must be clear about what is Reiki and what is not.

The Reiki Digest does not impose a word limit on articles but please bear in mind that if your article is very long you may lose your reader. The Reiki Digest reserves the right to edit articles for clarity and length. Authors will have the option to shorten the article him or herself if necessary. Accompanying pictures and graphics are nice if you have them.

Writers can contribute articles at any time throughout each month. Each submission will be acknowledged and you will be notified of its posting date.

Guest editors

Each month The Reiki Digest will feature a guest editor. Guest editors are responsible for putting together and posting the following elements of a monthly edition:

Lead article
Reiki Roundup
Music we like to practice Reiki by
The weekly waka

Posting instructions and a style sheet will be available (along with virtual hand holding through the technical process, if needed.)

Guests and contributors may submit very short (two or three sentences) bio which will accompany your article, along with a photo.

Contributors must own the copyright or other intellectual property rights to all articles, photos, audio, and video submitted to The Reiki Digest, and must grant the right to nonexclusive publication in The Reiki Digest under both copyright and Creative Commons licensing, which allows reuse for noncommercial purposes with attribution.

The Reiki Digest will also consider publishing Reiki related blog posts from your existing blog.

To submit your articles or blog posts, please send an email to and include the words "Article Submission" in the subject line.

We're looking forward to your articles and posts!

And if you have something to say but you're not up to a complete post, we welcome comments anytime.


Anonymous AnaVar said...

Just came across your blog.. I'm making first steps discovering reiki and your blog is full of information I need! Have to go through briefly!

8:41 AM  

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