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Friday, July 16, 2010

Celeb-Reiki Rose De Dan leads singing at Reiki river blessing ceremony

The Reiki Digest's July Guest Editor Rose De Dan made Celeb-Reiki news when she appeared on Seattle radio station KUOW, a NPR affiliate, leading a group of Reiki practitioners in song at a Reiki river blessing for the Duwamish River, a Superfund site, on July 10th.

As well as being a Reiki Master, Rose is also is a paq’o and mesa carrier in the Q'ero Peruvian Andean Medicine Tradition, and she was accompanied by fellow Reiki practitioner and mesa carrier Leslie Britt in leading the Pachamama song.

A series of six river blessings was organized by Reiki Master Eileen Dey, which will continue throughout the summer.

You can read Rose's post about it on her blog, and listen to the podcast here.


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