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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Reiki Roundup

Seattle, WA, USA: A six-month series of ceremonies, organized by Reiki Master Eileen Dey, is bringing together community and practitioners of Reiki, shamanism, and sound healing to help heal the highly polluted waters of the urban Duwamish River, named a Superfund site in 2002.

Inglewood, CA, USA: A moving article by veterinarian Dr. Richard Palmquist details his conversion from skeptic and critic of integrative medicine to practitioner.

Bloomington, Indiana, USA: Reiki Master Christine McKenna interviewed on practice and benefits of Reiki.

Kashmir, India: British alternative healer offers Reiki to mental health patients.

Columbus Ohio, USA: In their May-June newsletter The Reiki Center announced a training for veterinarians in Animal Reiki through the continuing education program at The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. This is reportedly the first time in the nation that a course in holistic medicine will be presented at a college of veterinary medicine.

Concord, VA, USA: Reiki practitioner and veterinarian Dr. Lori Leonard believes in holistic approach to animal care.


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