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Friday, July 02, 2010

Reiki Self-Treatment Poll -- and a webinar

An invitation from The Reiki Digest's Editor at Large, Pamela Miles:

Please respond to this very short poll and share it widely. All practitioners from all lineages, at any level of practice are asked to vote.

Can we collectively bring in over 1000 votes? The more votes we get, the more meaningful the poll is.

Once you’ve voted, click here to comment why you do or don’t practice daily self-Reiki.

LATE BREAKING NEWS! Have you been waiting for online training to help you bring Reiki into hospitals and other health care settings? Wait no more.

The Introduction to Medical Reiki Webinar will give you skills and strategies to get you started in health care. Register by July 17 to attend the webinar and/or access the recording for a special low fee. Let’s get Reiki where it is needed, and raise the professionalism of our practice. Click here to learn more.


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