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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Seattle Reiki room and a book review!

Marianne Streich's Seattle Reiki room

Author and Reiki Master Marianne Streich, who is also editor of Reiki News Magazine, writes: "Clients pass through a lattice gate and cross a courtyard where, depending on the time of year, they may find lavender, lilac, wild roses, iris, azalea, wisteria, ligustrum, or bluebells blooming. (This photo was taken in winter.)

After being welcomed in a small reception area, the client is shown into the treatment room, which is painted a peaceful, pale green. A fountain provides the soothing sound of gently moving water, and if a breeze is stirring outside, the melodic notes of a wind chime can be heard through the window.

The Heart Chakra wall poster (created by Reiki Master Tom Tessereau) also has a calming effect. My intention was to create a space that would evoke a feeling of peace and sanctuary as soon as the client crossed the threshold."

Thanks, Marianne!

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