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Friday, August 06, 2010

Animal Reiki Friday: For matters of the heart - Reiki with Sebastian

My business parter, Candy Boroditsky, and I have been treating Sebastian, a Brussels Griffon, with regular Reiki treatments since late last fall. Sebastian is a rescued dog whose age was hard to determine. He’s been with his family since early 2009 and we were surprised to find that his age has been guessed at anywhere between 8 and 12 by different veterinarians, including his cardiologist, since he seems so youthful to us. Sebastian was diagnosed with congestive heart failure last year.

As many rescue dogs do, Sebastian had some behavioral issues to begin with when he got to a new home, and on top of that, his owner struggled after his diagnosis since she could not get his medications into him, no matter what food she used to entice him. When we got involved, there was a lot of fear around his situation, and it was difficult for both his family and us. Despite this, his mama was a real champion for him and was determined to do the best she could to see that he got a good quality of life.

We started treatment with his heart and lung problems in mind. With Reiki, Sebastian settled down, and he began breathing better and coughing less. We felt intuitively that despite the fact that Sebastian was a small dog, he didn’t want to be babied. We treated him with the respect he deserved and our relationship deepened. As his physical symptoms improved, we were delighted to find that he was getting along better with everyone in the family.

It has been an honor and privilege working with Sebastian. Some days we laugh with him, and on others we cry. Like everyone, he has his ups and downs. We have been able to see Reiki work not only with the physical areas we originally came to him for, but also mentally as well. We have learned a lot from him and hope to continue to do so for as long as we can!

Ming Chee-Brown is an animal Reiki practitioner who along with business partner Candy Boroditsky founded Los Angeles based Reiki Fur Babies in 2008.

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