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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vote for your favorite Reiki room!

This summer we asked readers to send in pictures of their Reiki rooms - rooms where they practice Reiki or do Reiki meditations. These could be personal or professional spaces, full time, part time or shared. It's been fun seeing the different submissions which reflect not only each practitioner's personality but also the loving care that went into designing them. Now it's time to cast your vote! Simply select the room you think should win "Best in Show" by using the poll below. 

But that's not all - if you missed getting your entry in on time, fear not. The Reiki rooms proved so popular that we plan on making it a regular feature here at The Reiki Digest.  

Good Luck to all our entrants!

Anne Boerritger's Reiki room

Cindy's Reiki room

Colin Powell's Reiki room

Marci's Reiki room

Marianne Streich's Reiki room

Eric Labelle's Reiki room

Annette Kohn-Lau's Reiki room

Adela Alvarez's Reiki room

To submit your Reiki room to The Reiki Digest, attach a photo to an email and address it


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