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Monday, November 15, 2010

Personal Practice Monday: With gratitude, work diligently

Today's Personal practice article comes from Pamela Miles' blog, Reiki Central. The original post appeared November 24, 2009.

In practice,
there is much repetition,
and there is no repetition.

Much repetition when we repeat the form of our practice—
the when, where, and how.

And often repetition in the sensations of our practice,
the familiar pulsing cascade,
the familiar warmth of our hands,
the familiar refuge of stillness that opens within.

But not always.

Sometimes practicing the form doesn’t yield the same sensations.

Sometimes practicing the form is boring, or worse.
We make the same actions, but we are not content.

With gratitude, work diligently.

This is how my Japanese colleague and friend Hyakuten Inamoto translates the middle precepts. A Buddhist monk for 30 years, Inamoto-sensei brings great depth to his work as a Reiki master. He has lived in Japan all his life, and has done original research into Reiki history and practice. I have deep respect and trust in his understanding.

Reiki is a practice.

A practice is always the same,
and never the same.
And sometimes a practice is work.

Our practice is the work we do to create change–

change in our understanding,
change in our self-concept,
change in the accessibility of our hearts.

And we practice to cope with change,

especially the changes we don’t like,
the ones that make us feel powerless.

But we are never powerless.

We can always practice.

And for that, we can be grateful.

Thanks, Pamela! If you would like to submit an article about personal practice, please send it in an email to and include the words "personal practice" in the subject line.




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