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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Music we love to practice Reiki by

Years ago, I came home late in the evening, tired and wanting to go to bed. The little voice within picked that moment to whisper, "turn on the TV". I consider TV mostly a waste of time, so we fought a little, the voice and I. After some back and forth, I grumpily turned on the TV, and what came up on the screen was a documentary about unique young musicians. One of them was Hovia Edwards, a young Western Shoshone woman who had broken the gender barrier to playing Native American Flute. The ethereal beauty of her music evoked Earth, trees and wind.

At the next opportunity, I went out and bought the first CD I could find. It's been a mainstay of my Reiki treatments and classes ever since. Time to buy a new one, it's getting scratchy!

I am deeply thankful for that little voice, even if we fight sometimes.


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