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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Music we like to practice Reiki by:"Sadhana" by Peter Forster

Photo courtesy of Peter Forster

My favourite music to do Reiki to has remained unchanged for 15 years! Sadhana – “the path to love” by Peter Forster is deeply relaxing music in twelve parts, each five minutes long, gently guiding you through a Reiki session. Acoustic guitar, keyboards and various wind instruments interwoven with the healing sounds of nature invite you on a relaxing inner journey. Each track ends with soft wind chimes.

I find this perfect for self-Reiki as well as treating clients. Peter is a musician and Reiki practitioner so combines both talents to create a masterpiece, I must have listened to this CD thousands of times over the years yet it never grows old…timeless beauty!

You can find this CD on Peter Forster's website.


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