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Monday, January 31, 2011

Personal practice Monday:Releasing Expectations

We featured a letter from a Reiki practitioner named Jen two weeks ago here at The Reiki Digest. Jen was having some problems with self treatments - namely, they made her sick, and she worried that continuing would make her sicker. We put out the call to readers to help her with her problem, and received some great responses. Thank you to those who answered Jen's call for help.

After hearing from fellow practioners, Jen was doing better but still concerned about sinus issues. She asked which chakra was involved.

We promised to follow up here with our own two cents and here they are. Three things that come to mind when talking about Reiki, whether in regard to treating others or self treatment, are setting intention, releasing expectation, and the power of the precepts.

Sometimes practitioners set their intentions for "the highest good". This can be confusing since we may have some preconceived notions about what we think the highest good should be. Others set their intentions that the recipient receives whatever it is that he or she needs. Either way, setting an intention is a way of focusing your practice. Once you're focused, free of worry and distraction, you can get down to work.

As for releasing expectations, one thing to think about is that no one is all knowing, and therefore, it's impossible to know or expect what will come out of any given treatment. Some practitioners talk about trusting Reiki, and others describe Reiki as being able "to go wherever it's needed."  All of these concepts revolve around releasing expectations about Reiki.  Since Reiki works on every level of one's being, the healing that occurs might not be at all what is expected. An example of this comes from many testimonials of Reiki recipients who sought help for pain or disease, for instance, but found that instead of relief from physical issues, they were better able to cope mentally or emotionally, either with the pain, or with other circumstances in their lives.

Lastly, the precepts are always there to support practice. "Do not worry" comes to mind for me right now. Do not worry because Reiki can do no harm. Do not worry about which chakra is connected to the sinuses, because Reiki works in ways we can't always imagine.  

For practitioners in need of healing, like Jen, I suggest you contact your teacher or other local Reiki practitioners you know, or would like to know. This is a great opportunity to start a healing circle in your community so that all can share in the benefits of both giving and receiving Reiki treatments.

Thanks, Jen, for your letter, and good luck! 


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