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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On getting paid - a new poll

Contributing editor Deborah Flanagan's December 14 article  about her work at the Initiative for Women with Disabilities at NYU Medical's Hospital for Joint Diseases sparked a few comments, including a question from Pam Turczyn, who asked if Deborah's was a paid position. We're happy to report that as Deborah replied, she is indeed paid for her work at IWD, and this conversation inspired our latest poll here at The Reiki Digest. Please feel free to re-read the article, join the conversation in the comments section, either here or at the original article, and please do respond to our poll here.


Anonymous pam turczyn said...

i am really honored that my question inspired this year's Reiki Digest poll! Oddly enough, it comes at a time when i, myself, am attempting to design a survey regarding a floral mandala i have created called 'Reiki: the Infinite Field.' my intention is that the image both contain and convey the reiki vibration. i know it captures my own visceral experience of it. the survey would involve reiki practitioners using the mandala as a visual focus during practice on themselves, or others. (i find is especially helpful during distant healing.) i need some advice as to what questions to ask participants to ensure the feedback is meaningful for the community. any suggestions?

8:38 PM  

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