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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Music we love to practice Reiki by: A review of "Music for Reiki Attunements" by Llewellyn

By Beth Lowell, Managing Editor 

I’ve been listening to "Music for Reiki Attunement, Volume 1", by Llewellyn all week, so I’m pleased to finally get a chance to write this review. We featured another great CD by this composer/performer here last year, "Reiki Gold", (which by the way is up for nomination for best Reiki CD at's 2011 Readers Choice Awards, and has been featured on British Airways flights.) If you liked "Reiki Gold", you’ll appreciate this collection which features some familiar tracks.

Reiki Master Philip Permutt compiled this collection from three of Llewellyn’s albums, "Reiki Gold", "Crystal Angels", and "Crystal Child" with the intention of helping listeners create a sacred space, perfect for attunements, personal practice, treatments or meditation. Rich and layered, Llewellyn's melodies strike the perfect balance between providing a both a brilliant listening experience and a lush background in which to lose one's self.  

Named a genius, and “the Mozart equivalent of new age music”, Llewellyn does not fail to please once again as he takes listeners through eight selections and over an hour of mesmerizing and inspirational music that will leave his audience both relaxed and refreshed.


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