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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Participate in our first ever focus group: Can visual art support the healing process? - and be eligible to win an archival mandala print valued at $200.00!

Pamela Turczyn's mandala titled "Unconditional Love"
Could an image have the capacity to support your Reiki practice? Brooklyn and Woodstock, NY, based artist Pam Turczyn, a level 2 Reiki practitioner since 1998, wants to know. We do too, so we're calling for Reiki practitioner participants to help her find out about the potential of visual art to support the healing process by participating in a focus group. Pam's intention in creating art is to support universal evolution, as a healing modality, as a point of focus for manifesting a positive outcome and as a link to oneness consciousness.

All participants need do is to practice Reiki with the added element of Pam Turczyn's mandala titled, "Reiki: the Infinite Field."

We're looking for at least 15 and up to 40 participants each in four categories:

Practitioners treating clients in person, professionally or not
Practitioners doing distant treatments
Practitioners doing self care
Practitioners meditating

Practitioners of self-care, distant healing or Reiki meditation will practice in front of an image of the mandala on their computer screen. Practitioners offering Reiki in person to another person or animal will practice using a printed version of the mandala that will be mailed to them.

The focus group will run for a total of eight weeks, during which time, participants will use the mandala at least 5 times. At the end of eight weeks, participants will receive a questionnaire to complete. Results will be published here on The Reiki Digest, and the mandala used for practice in the focus group will be revealed. Identities of the participants will be kept private, unless you notify us otherwise.

One participant in each category will be selected by drawing to receive an 8"x8" signed and numbered print from the limited edition of Pam's "Reiki: The Infinite Field" mandala, printed on heavyweight Hahnemuhle archival paper, similar to the paper used for the original painting and which is valued at $200.00

If you'd like to participate in this focus group, please send an email to me, bethlowell @ and be sure to include the words "focus group" in the subject line.


Blogger BuddhiWear said...

How do I sign up to participate in this? I could do any of the categories listed.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Beth Lowell said...

Dear BuddhiWear, Please read the last paragraph of the artiocle for instructions on how you can become a participant.

Thank you,

Beth Lowell, Managing Editor

6:31 AM  

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