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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Reiki Roundup

The articles listed below reveal the variety of ways that Reiki is currently showing up in the world and in the news. Among them: Reiki is used at schools in Mumbai, India for exam-related stress reduction and is part of an award-winning employee well-being program in Ohio. An Arlington Heights, Illinois hospital medical director gives his rationale for the use of bio-energy modalities and notes that "effectiveness seems to be related to the experience and qualifications of the healer." A minister decries Reiki as a sin, and a psychologist in Ireland expresses outrage that Reiki, acupuncture, and other "pseudo-science" modalities are offered in health care curriculums at Irish Universities. A full-length article about Reiki confuses Mikao Usui and Dr. Hayashi, asserting that Usui Sensei was a medical doctor. Reiki is offered to hospital patients at a medical center is Northeast Pennsylvania, and a Reiki Master in Massachusetts has created a support group for cancer patients and cancer and heart attack survivors. Finally, Reiki is offered at an exclusive Hamilton Island, Australia spa and used as a fundraiser for a New York library.

Arlington Heights, IL, USA
Tapping into the healing potential of bio-energy

Ireland, UK: No place for 'dodgy' alternative medicine on third-level courses

Mumbai, India: Exam stress? Yoga, reiki, yajnas to the rescue for Mumbai students

Concord Township, Ohio, USA: Lake Health wins statewide employee health award

Broadheadsville, PA, USA: Reiki is a sin, Brodheadsville pastor warns

East Stroudsburg, PA, USA: A touch of reiki

Shrewsbury, MA, USA: Shrewsbury Reiki master offers support for survivors of heart attack, cancer

Bayport, NY, USA: Healing With Faith and Energy, Part I: The Wonder of Reiki

Hamilton Island, Australia: High times on Hamilton

Freedom Plains, NY, USA: Reiki Healing Event Will Aid Library


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