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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Reiki Centre Survey series: You reap what you sow

By Elaine Grundy

Further Implications from the Reiki Centre Survey

In this ongoing series of reflections from the Reiki Centre Survey, a survey of 546 Reiki practitioners carried out in 2010, we take a look at how the number of hours of self-Reiki affects the benefits you receive.

Personally, I have always emphasized the importance of daily self-Reiki. I view Reiki as fuel, and as we utilize this energy it never diminishes in importance. Unlike taking medication which is often a fixed dosage over a fixed period of time – Reiki is more like nutrition, a daily dosage keeps us balanced and vital.

The Reiki Centre Survey confirms this message; when results are plotted against the number of hours respondents practice Reiki, there is a clear correlation between the results and the number of hours practiced. If we use the rating for ‘Overall Wellness’ as an example, a total of 87% of respondents reported that they felt their overall wellness had improved. For those who practiced less than 1 hour a week the reported improvement is much lower, at 68%, this rises to an astounding 98% for those practicing for over 7 hours a week.

The following chart illustrates this even further when we look at respondents who report a significant improvement. This rises from a minor 19% for those practicing self-Reiki for less than 1 hour a week, to 62% of respondents practicing self-Reiki for over 7 hours a week.

This result is reflected in many of the other measurements in both physical and emotional aspects and suggests that the amount of self-Reiki we do correlates strongly to the amount of significant benefit we notice.

*total percentage refers to those respondents who answered both improved/better now and improved significantly/ significantly better now

The findings reiterate the importance of a daily regiment of self-Reiki to keep our energy full and balanced. It also provides ample inspiration that we will be amply rewarded for our efforts!

For the full Reiki Centre Report, please visit

Located in Singapore, Elaine Grundy has taught internationally for 15 years. She is the author of Reiki Pure and Simple and most recently has published the Reiki Report, which is based on findings from her survey on self Reiki treatment. This article is second in her year long series following up on the survey and its results.


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