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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Reiki Roundup

The articles listed below reveal the variety of ways that Reiki is currently showing up in the world and in the news.
New York, NY, USA:
In a story in the New York Times, a home care organization in Washington has won a two year grant to trial the effects of Reiki on elderly patients with dementia.
Plymouth, NH, USA:
Reiki is now being used as part of the care offered to Oncology patients by Speare Memorial Hospital and is likely to be rolled out to other departments! 
Birmingham, UK:
A Welsh National Opera singer, the “Madame with the Butterfly Hands”, studied Reiki to help her relax and now she often has other cast members queuing up  for a   pre-performance session!
Shropshire, UK:
A dog-loving Reiki practitioner has launched a special service called Reiki 4 Dogs at internationally renowned Crufts Dog Show. However, please note that Reiki is not ancient, as described in the Editor’s notes to this article. The system of Usui Reiki Ryoho only appeared at the beginning of the 20th century.

Pocono, PA, US:
A patient a Pocono Medical Center describes how he enjoyed a Reiki session while in hospital.
Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada:
The Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding Society has found that Reiki can help keep its horses balanced, healthier and easier to ride.
Somewhere, US:
Meanwhile, an ultra-skeptic “surgeon scientist”, who hides behind the pseudonym Orac, explains, at great length, why Reiki is a sin. This is a great reminder that Reiki practitioners should put their brains into gear before opening their mouth (or publishing a webpage) and not make any claims that cannot stand up to scrutiny. Otherwise they may become easy prey for the likes of Orac and his equally fanatical followers.
Lexington, KY, US:
How Reiki can help you recharge a flagging relationship.


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