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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Classes and gatherings in NYC and London with Pamela Miles


Are you looking to improve your skills and deepen your Reiki practice? Pamela Miles is offering this Summer lineup of classes and gatherings in New York City and London.

Communicating Reiki NYC Sat, June 18
This workshop will help you sharpen your communication skills, clarify your understanding, and deepen your practice. This class is open to all Reiki students and practitioners, at any level, from any practice style.

Reiki Precepts Retreat NYC Sat, July 9
Reiki lineage founder Mikao Usui considered the Reiki Precepts an essential part of daily practice. Today they are too often overlooked. Join Pamela on Saturday, July 9 if you are ready to dive deeper into these jewels, which Usui referred to as the Secret to Inviting Happiness.

Medical Reiki in London Sept 10/11
Even seasoned Reiki practitioners and health care professionals face challenges bringing Reiki into conventional medicine. This seminar teaches you the skills, information and proven strategies you need to succeed. Read this article to see what you will learn



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