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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Music Review:The Healing Drum by Chris Puleston and Chris Conway

by Beth Lowell, Managing Editor

The Healing Drum's introductory selection The Source features flute, the sound of water, rich layers of perussion and a variety of instruments including the didgeridoo, setting the tone for the magical journey musicians Chris Puleston, Chris Conway and guest musician David Nash have created for listeners of this album, which also includes instructions for accompaniment should anyone want to drum along.

Listeners can easily imagine following the Traveller on this musical adventure, listen along to The Healing Drum, envision An Irishman in Africa, experience Cymbology, imagine The Seven Jewels and return, Back to the River. 

Instruments used throughout range from temple bells and glockenschpiel to ones I've never heard of, like the ghatam and pakhawaj.

Most of this exotic and relaxing collection is suitable for meditation, easy listening, waiting rooms and for listening during Reiki or massage. Take a listen first, though as personal preference may dictate that a selection or two may be a bit too exciting for those receiving healing treatments.

The Healing Drum can be found at Paradise Music and on Amazon.


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