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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our readers comment...

Responses to last week's article, "Associated (bad) Press: Reiki makes the newswires" --

Michael wrote:

I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Let's be careful though to hold the vibration of Reiki healing this world needs, and not continue to worry about people's perception of Reiki, given the recent news.

The Spirit has a way of continuing to flow as long as we allow it. And we do that by being in the flow, not fighting what we don't like, and being living examples of love, healing, compassion, and Divine Light.

May the world be totally healed! :-)

And I replied:

Michael, I appreciate what you're saying, but. . .

The Reiki Digest's purpose is to serve the global Reiki community just as an old-fashioned community newspaper would, and that means covering the news about Reiki without regard to whether it is bad or good. When I see sloppy reporting, and the effect it can have, I will continue to challenge it, just as I will continue challenging misrepresentations of Reiki, whether by the media or by practitioners themselves. That's not worrying about it, or fighting it -- it's just covering it.

Thanks for contributing your thoughts on this.

Rose at wrote:

Kudos Ms. Dagley on coming out, as I did, on that horrific article misrepresenting reiki. It is unfortunate that there are so many people out there practicing God knows what and giving it the term reiki, not to mention the ego driven who add this and that to make it appear they are far more knowledgeable than anyone else. It’s very hard to just practice reiki for what it is, reiki, and hear more nonsense about it than truth and fact. You Reiki Update Training Class is brilliant!

I feel that as responsible, ethical masters and practitioners it is our duty to be diligent in setting the record straight. It’s a very positive thing that the Reiki Digest has Pamela Miles on board. Keep up the great work and doing what you do.

(Thanks, Rose! Actually, Pamela isn't part of The Reiki Digest -- she's welcome to write for us, though. -- Janet)

Camelia A. Wright wrote:


This is my first time responding and contributing to an article.

Let me state immediately I am not in the least bit surprised at what is occurring. First and foremost the REIKI ENERGY is working,and it seems to me that the medical community is over re-acting.

We do not state that we cure,what we may say is that it alleviates. For me as a REIKI ENERGY practioner it helps me tremendously with arthritic aches and pain.

When the mind is calm the body follows. REIKI ASSISTS IN RELAXING THE BODY.

It is most unfortunate that it is now receiving negative press. My hope has been that we might possibly be able to help and assist some of our service people coming home with such horrific injuries and emotional upsets. It could possibly help keep them from needing to many prescription drugs. Is it possible that is the problem REIKI may help keep people from needing prescription drugs? That is a thought.


Thanks, Cam!


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