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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reiki for the Gulf of Mexico

As the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues to spread, Reiki practitioners around the world are keeping the area and its precious ecosystem in their meditations. To facilitate that effort, Reiki harpist and Reiki Digest Special Contributor Cymber Lily Conn has recorded a musical accompaniment.

Here's Cymber:

"I used the Dorian Mode to help ground the feelings and reduced drama and tensions, so listeners can think more clearly and remain calm. (However, if you use Dorian Mode for too long, it can start to sound depressing.)

The session opens with D minor/C major chord pattern that allows for sadness and wistfulness to emerge, as well as contemplation for what this oil spill will mean for all of us, now and long term.

Gradually, the Reiki energy changes toward the end of the session, switching the pattern to C major/D minor, providing insight and the much needed lift in energy to live in a different way, so that we are not dependent on oil, and never have to endure another spill."

This podcast and others are available on Cymber's web site.


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