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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Comments so far on the topic of "What is Reiki?"

We haven't gotten many comments so far in response to last week's request for short and sweet answers to the question, "What is Reiki?" But the responses we have gotten are succinct:

From Wendalyn J. Kirpanos:

"What do you do for a living? Multifaceted healing with the Japanese art of

From Harlene S. in Massachusetts:


I'm asked this question alot.

What is Reiki? relaxation, stress and pain management for your mind, body and soul.

what do you think?

And posted as a comment:

Hello. My name is Regina, and I am a Reiki II practitioner for about 4
years now. Responding to last Thursday's posting: This week's challenge.
Answer the question: "What is Reki?" - i.e. accupuncture: Little Needles
etc., I would like to suggest that Reiki is: Healing With Hands or Hands On
Healing. This is a suggestion for describing Reiki as a practice rather than
Reiki as an energy.

Thank you.

Thanks to all who've responded so far. If you'd like to add your answer, here's the question again:

"What do you say when people ask you, 'What is Reiki?'" Read the original post for more details.

You can post your answer as a comment to this post on our web site: just click on the word "comments." Or you can email your comments to or click here to speak them directly to our 24/7 voicemail.


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