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Thursday, April 03, 2008

What is Reiki? Here are some more answers

Our discussion continues: Several more readers have sent in their answers to the question we asked a few weeks ago: Reiki practitioners, what do you say when people ask you, "What is Reiki?"

From Kim Glover:

This is a little wordy.
Reiki is consciousness or the lifeforce received through light hand placements which activate the innate healing intelligence of the body; allowing one to experience a deep and peaceful rest.

From "The Mystic 1":

Reiki originated in Japan. It is a hands on (or laying on of hands) technique that promotes relaxation and healing.

My friend Reva Iden, Reiki Master and dental hygienist, of New York City (and The Reiki Dojo) was kind enough to allow me to share this excerpt from her information sheet for Reiki clients:

Reiki is. . . Japanese for Universal Life Force energy. It is both a
spiritual discipline and a natural, holistic healing modality. Reiki is a
powerful energy creating healthy balance and harmony within all levels of
existence. While powerful, it is also known to be a most loving and gentle
energy. It works through a soft, light touch that allows you to feel
relaxed and at peace. Although a spiritual discipline, Reiki is not a
religion nor does it require a belief system to work.

That description wasn't intended to be the two- or three-word answer we're looking for, but I wanted to included it to further our discussion.

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