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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Reiki Roundup

Somewhere, USA -- As the cost of gasoline keeps rising, one Reiki practitioner/blogger suggests that Reiki can improve fuel efficiency.

New York City -- BlackBook perpetuates an unfortunate misconception in referring to Oscar winners "thanking their Reiki masseuse." Reiki isn't massage!

Des Moines, Iowa, USA -- The Des Moines Register introduces us to a pet sitter who offers her four-legged clients Reiki as well.

Coventry, UK -- In an article headlined "Mum of three tells of crack hell", a 28-year-old recovering drug addict says Reiki has helped her as well as her children.

Hampshire, UK -- Stressed executives have a chance to study Reiki and other meditation techniques in order to become relaxed executives instead.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates -- Reiki Master Joanna Macdonald likes to do polewalking in the sand, and there's plenty of that in Dubai, so it's no wonder that the sport has become quite trendy there.


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