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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reiki Roundup

Lansing, Michigan, USA: A fairly mundane article about Reiki has drawn some biting comments from readers of Michigan State University's States News, and we recommend them to all Reiki practitioners, not because we agree with them but because it's good to be reminded of how some people see us.

The article makes extensive reference to the chakra system, a concept from India's ayurvedic medicine tradition that is not part of traditional Reiki but was grafted onto some Western Reiki branches in recent decades, so the practitioner interviewed must have been trained in one of those. One commenter jumps on that point, writing, "Other thing I don’t get, how the F is it a Japanese thing if it has “chakra”, a sanskirt (India) word?"

North Attleboro, Massachusetts: a newspaper columnist becomes a Reiki practitioner and writes about it. She's of the belief that crystal are used in Reiki, something that also was added to some western lineages in recent decades but is generally considered a separate modality. Still, the article is an interesting counterpoint to those caustic comments in response to the Michigan story.

Peterborough, UK: Reiki practitioner Delya Tebbs is featured as a nominee for the local Women of Achievement award.

Kirriemuir, Scotland, UK: Reiki practitioner and web indexer Rebecca Linford has won a major award for web indexing.


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