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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Recent comments

From Pamir:

Thanks for keeping this topical Janet. I didn't drive until I started living in Florida where development is horizontal rather than vertical. I do really enjoy seeing the consumer truck or SUV that should only be allowed in the military, end up right next to me at a red light, after aggressively riding my bumper, then overtaking me with engine sounds that make angels cringe! Hey I'm going to pick up my kid too! It would be worth pondering & starting a campaign to get Reiki in the boardroom. Ultimately it's going to be decisions based in wisdom & not just scientific intelligence & innovation, that are going to be effective.Take corn ethanol for instance. After heavily investing in it, the verdict is that it consumes as much or more energy to make it as it saves & contributes to food shortages. Brazil is near oil independent because they went with sugar ethanol. See this investigative video, it's worth it. I wrote about Reiki & worry recently, touching on the precepts more from a healing angle, but I agree with you. Practical application is one of Reiki's best features and benefits.

Thanks, Pamir!

An anonymous commenter wrote:

Hi ,,, i would like to know more about reiki and where can i find it in kuwait ?

Thanks for your question, anonymous. To help you learn more about Reiki, here's a recent article from the International House of Reiki on what Reiki is (and isn't). As for where you might find it in Kuwait, we linked to an article a few months ago on a Reiki practitioner in Kuwait, so that might be a place to start, as well as this 2007 article featuring a different Reiki practitioner in Kuwait.

In response to the pretty precepts photo that Scott K. contributed, Carrie Ann wrote (in reference to Scott's Reiki is One CafePress shop:

To Scott K.:

How about making the Reiki is One spiral as a print? As a mandala to contemplate, it would be great!


Thanks for the suggestion, Carrie.

And continuing our discussion on the Reiki Precepts, Twilight Serenity wrote:

I repeat the Reiki principals every morning when I take a shower to
center, destress and begin my day fresh. Note to self..take a shower in the
evening too. It may help falling asleep sooner and more restful.

Thanks, Twilight!

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