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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Making Reiki your full-time job

Editor's note: If you practice Reiki professionally, full time, you're among the rare few. If your professional practice hasn't reached that point yet, Reiki Master Teacher and holistic business coach Jenn Givler of has some ideas about how to achieve that goal. This article is excerpted from her newsletter, Mindful Marketing.

By Jenn Givler

I see it all the time. Healers who are carrying a full-time job along with their healing practice. The healing practice doesn't bring in enough financially to support the needs of the practitioner, so the full time gig is necessary.

I've had healers tell me that they can't let go of the full-time job for a variety of reasons.
Some tell me they don't feel right charging for their service. That it's a gift and they are here to share it.

Some tell me that they've tried to get the practice up to full time income, but anything they've tried hasn't worked.

Still others tell me that they feel that when the time is right, the practice will just take off, and clients will find them.

Your practice can make full time income

Now, I'm not going to tell you to do something very radical or irresponsible and quit your full-time job right now.

But I am going to tell you that your practice can — and absolutely should — make full time income if that's what you want to do.

You've got this amazing gift to share, and share you should. And you should be supported for sharing it — including financial support.

Money is energy. It's the energetic exchange that we use to buy something of value. Your practice is valuable to those you serve.

And in order for you to be secure, and keep doing the amazing work you're doing, money should be part of the equation.

What has to happen to create full time income

1. Realize you are in business. I know, we hate to think of ourselves as "business people." But in order to create a full time income that can support you, you will have to take on the mind-set of a business person.

And there is a way to balance that. You don't have to be Donald Trump. But you do have to learn the pragmatic pieces of running a business. Those include business planning, marketing, bookkeeping, and strategy.

2. Focus on what you want and pour your energy in that direction. Focus is essential to creating a thriving practice. You need to decide what you want your practice to look like, who you want to work with, and what you want to accomplish and then spend your time doing things that support that vision.

Once you've created your vision, take some time to discover which activities take you in the direction of your vision, and which activities take you away from, or scatter your focus.
Fill your schedule with those activities that take you toward your vision — and let go of the rest. And this is not an easy process. But if you want to achieve your vision, it's necessary.

3. Learn how to promote yourself. There is a right way, and a wrong way to promote yourself.

Being aggressive or manipulative — not the right way!
Being in service to those that need you — right way!

In order for your practice to thrive, you absolutely must engage in active marketing activities. All the hope and wishing in the world won't bring you clients. You definitely must take charge and drive the train on your promotional efforts.

However — that does not mean you have to be overbearing and sell to everyone you meet (whew!). But you do need to choose some marketing activities that get you out into the community of people you want to serve.

4. Get help. Bottom line, we can't do it alone. Nor are we meant to. If we were meant to get it right all by ourselves, we would be born, be isolated, do our thing, and then go back to source.
We are human. We need other humans to help us and support us in our journey.

I have no doubt that you are really, really good at what you do. I know you're an expert — I am too :) But none of us should try to go it alone.

We all need support and guidance. I work with a coach, and I also have a great Master Mind Group. I love having that support. Because sometimes, I need to be vulnerable too. Sometimes I get hurt, or angry, or frustrated — and I can't see the solution to my own situation. It helps to have outside perspective and motivation.

You can create full time, supportive income from your healing practice. You need to be supported in the work you're doing and part of that support can and should be monetary. You may have to shift your thought processes, and step into being a business person for a bit each day, but it'll be one of the best shifts you can make!

Thanks, Jenn. And even though Jenn helps practitioners build up to full-time work, she's not above taking a day off when it seems appropriate, as she writes on her blog today.


Anonymous Pamir | Reiki Help Blog said...

You also need an online presence. For a real world example take a look at this page of my site which is about the pro side of things. I hope it helps readers here.

7:51 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Janet, thank you so much for posting my article here. I so appreciate the help in getting the word out about helping healers build a thriving practice.

I was just having a conversation with someone this weekend regarding making her practice a full-time venture. It was almost like she couldn't believe that she could actually build a practice that would create supportive income for her.

The fact is, in your healing practice, you need to be supported too, so that you can continue to strongly support your clients.

Part of that support is financial support. If you're not supported financially, you can't continue to do your work in the world - and the world really misses something wonderful.

As healers, we get so hung up on the idea of promoting ourselves - because there are so many bad examples of how to promote yourself. Look at the world of marketing... most of the time, it's aggressive or manipulative.

We don't have to be like that - we need to get ourselves out there - we are needed.

2:06 PM  

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