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Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Celeb-Reiki on wheels — and on video

Go, Reiki, Go!

Reiki practitioners of all nationalities will be cheering for the New Zealand cycling team in the Olympics next month, specifically for Kiwi cyclist Hayden Roulston, because he's one of our own.

Roulston discovered Reiki after he was diagnosed with a serious heart condition in 2006, so serious that he was forced to retire from the sport. But to everyone's surprise, he recovered, came out of retirement and began winning races again, including last year's Oceania road race title and most recently the Tour des Deux-Sevres in France. Now, he's Beijing bound.

As the media buildup to the Olympics begins, Roulston sat down recently for an interview with New Zealand's Channel 3 News, in which he discusses how Reiki has helped him. You can read the transcript at that link, or watch the video here. Here's the best part:

“How did you fix something the medical fraternity said was life threatening?” the interviewer asked him.

“Through Reiki actually," Roulston replied. "It's a Japanese healing technique. It's a hands on treatment which transfers energy from one person to another. There was once upon a time just the mental and the physical, now it's the emotional and the spiritual, four very different components that's going to win the gold medal. If I walk away with the gold medal knowing I performed to my utmost best I”ll be happy, but if I walk away with silver or bronze or fourth the better man won on the day, but I'm confident I can win a gold medal."

We wish him a swift, safe, and victorious ride around and around and around the velodrome, and we'll keep you posted on his progress.


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