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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Reiki Roundup

London — We already knew that Reiki is considered part of the LOHAS industry. Now we find it's also part of the slow movement, one of the world's best-known slowness advocates, Carl Honore, writes in The Guardian. Reiki, he says, is a form of "slow medicine."

Falkirk, Scotland — Having trouble finding a job? It might help to go down to your local football stadium to get some training and some Reiki -- the Falkirk Football Club and 15 other Scottish football clubs (so far) have teamed up to offer a wide range of services to job seekers.

Ft. Bliss, Texas — U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey has said that the innovative post- traumatic stress treatment program here should be replicated at other locations across the Army, according to Reiki is one of the techniques used in the program to help soldiers learn to relax again.

Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA — What could be more heartwarming than the story of a cancer patient, a hospice worker, the teddy bear they created, a group of sweater-knitting volunteers, a Parkinson's disease support group, and Reiki?

Meanwhile, in Newburyport, Massachusetts, Reiki provides comfort at a special summer camp for bereaved children. And in Red Bank, New Jersey, at the Visiting Nurses Association of Central Jersey Hospice Children's Day on August 9, Reiki will be among the options available to children who have lost a loved one in the past year, and to their parents and guardians as well.

Utica, New York — Reiki Master and personal trainer Patrice Cahill offers senior citizens fun, fitness, and camaraderie with her seniorcise program.

Let's pause to take a breath, with Ode Magazine's article on the calming effects of breath therapy, which mentions Reiki in the same breath as yoga and acupuncture.

And in Hyderabad, India, we find a Reiki practitioner who recently presented a research paper on his work with music therapy for people with hypothyroid disorders and associated psychological problems. Certain ragas seem to work better with some conditions, he said.


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