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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reiki outreach: pictures worth a thousand words

Frequent contributor Pamir Kiciman is the first reader so far to tell us about how he promotes his Reiki practice. He offers a few words (see below), but the photos of his (and his students') work at a health fair at Barry University in Florida speak for themselves:

Pamir writes:

The health fair was put on by the Division of Nursing at Barry University. I arranged to have a display table and six chairs, as well as roominess to be able to conduct short form Reiki (I prefer to call it that, rather then 'chair' Reiki, because it is a form, a kata).

I had a boom box and appropriate music, a large sign, one-sheet Reiki information to take, my business cards, and a small altar.

We were extremely busy, Reiki'ng 125-150 people amongst only five of us. These types of Reiki shares always draw crowds. I had staggered the arrival of my practitioners, but next time I think I'll have everyone there from the beginning, and have more hands available.

We took breaks in turn, which I managed by how long each practitioner had been giving Reiki. We took a longer break at lunchtime and it was much needed.

Next time I'll have one person dedicated to managing to flow of receivers and directing people to open seats in the order in which they arrive. We were still able to keep an eye on this and as the day progressed a natural orderliness emerged.

The rest was sheer joy.

Thanks, Pamir! You've reminded me of a health fair I participated in a couple of years ago at a local university. We had so many people lined up that we worked nonstop the whole day, taking turns breaking for a quick lunch. And at the end of that day I felt fantastic from all that Reiki, and from seeing the smiles on the faces of the students and others who took a few moments to sit in our chairs.
In case other practitioners might be interested, Pamir also gives us some background on how he prepared his students for the event:
This is what I sent my student practitioners initially:

* Bring drinking water
* Bring a snack
* Wear comfortable clothing
* This is a Health Fair. Sharing Reiki conversation as well as hands-on is part of it. Keep it simple, focus on common human challenges, health issues, nothing too esoteric. Think of some results you've seen in yourself & people you've shared with. Prepare your Reiki stories.
* Go over short form or chair Reiki steps.
* When people sit, tell them to relax & receive. And just ask for one major complaint they may have. Then proceed.
* Be aware of demand for empty seats. If people are meditating too long after you're done, whisper them out of it.
* 15 mins at the most is enough for each person.
* At home practice the Reiki meditations a little more.
* Also contemplate the Reiki principles:
Just for today, do not anger.
Just for today, do not worry.
Be humble.
Be honest in your work.
Be compassionate to yourself and others.
* Practice hands-on-self.
* Arrive ready & poised.

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Blogger Janet said...

The link we originally published with this story was not the one to Pamir's writeup about the event.

This is the correct link. Thanks again, Pamir!

5:03 PM  

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