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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mark Ronson, Son of Celeb-Reiki

The Times of London has dubbed him "pop's new crown prince," and DJ/producer Mark Ronson's mother, Reiki Master Ann Dexter-Jones, must be very proud. But Ronson is every bit as proud of her, and he took advantage of the opportunity to brag on his mother and the upbringing she gave him in a feature article published in The Times last Sunday.

Dexter-Jones, a two-time (and now three-time) Celeb-Reiki, is sometimes called a "New York socialite," but Ronson doesn't agree with that label. “She doesn’t go to the Met Ball. She’s not some vacuous butterfly who spends her time lunching at places up and down Park Avenue. So yes, I get offended when people label her as that. It’s insulting, and to me as well as her, because it makes me sound like a spoilt brat, which I’m not,” he tells interviewer Alan Jackson. For our purposes, we wish he'd said something about receiving Reiki from his mum, but on the other hand we're glad that at least some aspects of the Ronson family's private life are still private.


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