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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Review us, please

The other day we stumbled upon the fact that The Reiki Digest has been stumbled upon at Not once, but twice, someone has come across this publication and clicked on the "bookmark" button found at the bottom of each post on our web site. And both those visitors have reviewed us. Here are the reviews so far, both thumbs-up:

From inestimablelove:

so i'm looking for some current news/support/in the now what have you..with reiki...anyone have any ideas...i find i get so distracted ...a sort of blog may be what i'm looking for..a weekly/daily update on the science of it, worldly/local projects...any suggestions please!!!???

From DreamWolfSpirit:

This is very interesting. I have never looked for anything like this or what you are looking for... didnt think about it. I have friends online who are Reiki Masters, besides myself... maybe we could start one? Its something to throw around anyway

While we're flattered by the thumbs-up, the reviews seem more like suggestions to start a competing publication. Still, we thank inestimablelove and DreamWolfSpirit for taking notice.

On the reviews page for The Reiki Digest at StumbleUpon, there's a green button right in the middle that says "Add Your Review." If you have an opinion about this publication, whether favorable, unfavorable, or somewhere in between, we'd love it if you could take a moment to give The Reiki Digest a review.

Thank you!


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