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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ongoing discussions. . . and how to join them

Many thanks to all who have contributed comments to recent posts, including the first of Jenn Givler's monthly advice columns last week, our discussion on the issue of permission, the question of whether the Reiki symbols should be public (and Pamir Kiciman's article in response), the waka in response to our post asking whether President-elect Barack Obama might practice Reiki, and Beth Lowell's question about whether animals should receive attunements.

We're still waiting for comments on using Reiki with Alzheimer's patients, so if you have some experience in that area, please share your thoughts and suggestions here

It's easy to add your comment: just click on the word "comment" at the bottom of any post on our web site. A window will pop up with any previous comments and an area in which you can type your comment. You may see a place to log in or create an account, but you can ignore that and choose the "anonymous" option if you prefer. 

Or you can email your comments to and I'll post them for you. Thanks and let's keep the discussion going!


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