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Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Reiki music resource list: a work in progress

Note: This post will be continually expanded and updated with more recommendations from our readers and staff. To add your recommendations, just add a comment to this post on our web site, or email

Most Reiki practitioners and recipients find that relaxing music and other soothing sounds can enhance the experience (although I did have one Reiki classmate who insisted on no music). Last week reader Lilia Marquez submitted her list of favorite Reiki music CDs, and other readers have quickly followed. We'll keep adding to this list and make a permanent, prominent link to it on our web site. Here's our list so far, now with convenient links to listen to samples or purchase (We receive a small percentage on each purchase, which helps us cover some of our costs in publishing The Reiki Digest. The first link in each listing is for the CD, and the second is for the mp3 download and sample songs (if available).

Lilia's list:
Reiki Offering by Shastro and Nadama, MP3 and samples
Sound Healing by Dean Evenson and Soundings Ensemble  
The Heart of Reiki, by Merlin's Magic
Reiki Forest, by Sambodhi Prem
Angel Symphony of Love & Light, by Merlin's Magic
The Healing Touch, by Shajah (no link available)
Reiki: Space of Peace and Love, by Merlin's Magic

Thanks, Lilia.

From the UK, Amanda wrote:

Oh I love having music in the background when using Reiki - it always helps to calm my mind and help me focus. My favourites are:

The Journey, by Bliss
Journey to the Faeries, by Llewellyn MP3 and samples
Reiki, by Llewellyn
The Celts, by Enya

I sometimes also use:

Solstice, by Phil Thornton

I'll use pretty much any Llewellyn, Medwyn Goodall or other instrumental music if I don't have any of the above to hand but those listed are my favourites for Reiki.

Thanks, Amanda. 

Beth wrote:

I listen to 'Spiritus', music composed with the intention of healing the human-animal bond. I look forward to checking out some of these other selections, as well!

This is the closest match we could find on Amazon. If it's not the Spiritus you're talking about, it seems like it might be good for Reiki in any case: 

Thanks, Beth.

Francine Hershkowitz wrote:

Thanks for this topic. I am a Reiki practitioner and here are some of my favorites:

Music for Zen Meditation, by Tony Scott
Harmonic Meditations, by David Hykes
Perelandra, by Keven Braheny
all of Nawang Khechog music and Spirit Wind

Thanks, Francine. We weren't sure which Spirit Wind you meant, so the link here is to all the CDs that turned up in a search on those words. If you don't mind taking a look at them, please let us know which Spirit Wind you're recommending.

Next, a few of my own favorites. At home, I can simply flip the TV to Music Choice's Soundscape channel, which is a constant stream of relaxing music. That's how I discovered the music of Jiang Xiao-QingShao Rong, and other artists. That led me to the compilation Graces of Asia, where I found Missa Johnouichi. So far I have never heard anything featuring the pipa (Chinese lute) that I didn't love. And of course I'm very fond of the Japanese shakuhachi flute as well.

We look forward to adding other readers' recommendations. Add them as comments to this post on our web site, or email them to This resource list will be a permanent, and continuously updated, fixture on our web site.


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