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Friday, May 15, 2009

Music review: The Healing Power of Music - Reiki Meditations - Energy Purification, Self-Healing and Distant Healing

Music review: The Healing Power of Music - Reiki Meditations - Energy Purification, Self-Healing and Distant Healing

By Beth Lowell

Celeste is a Reiki Master/Teacher and holistic practitioner in the South West of England who has taught Reiki since 1997. Her CD, Reiki Meditations - Energy Purification, Self Healing and Distant Healing, includes Japanese Reiki meditations in the tradition of Mikao Usui. It starts out by introducing the listener to Hatsurei Ho, and then continues through each step clearly explaining the meaning of the Japanese name and purpose for each ritual:

Kenyoku or dry bathing
Connecting to Reiki
Joshin Kokkyu Ho - a breathing exercise in which the listener visualizes breathing white light in through the crown and out through the body into the universe
Gassho to focus
Seishin Toitsu – an exercise in which the listener imagines breathing in and out of the tanden, through his or her hands
Contemplation on the precepts

Hatsurei Ho is followed by two guided meditations, the first on self-healing, and the other on distant healing.

Celeste includes explanations of Japanese concepts, phenomena practitioners may or may not experience, and her gentle guidance allows the listener ample time to relax, connect and remain focused throughout. I would recommend her CD for these reasons alone.

But Celeste is not only a Reiki practitioner. She’s also a gifted singer who believes in the healing power of music. The background on this CD is a rich tapestry, woven of layers of Celeste’s voice, birdsong from her garden, and the sound of water. The combination is amazing and the result is transcendent. It’s hard to describe it with any word but ethereal. Listening to Celeste’s music alone is a healing experience, one in which the love and intention she brings to it are undeniably evident. This in combination with the relaxed pace of the Reiki meditations creates a powerful and resonant experience that listeners will want to hear often.

Celeste says she sings with the angels. After listening to this CD, I’m inclined to agree. You can purchase this CD as well as her other selections online at her web site: or at


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