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Friday, May 08, 2009

Our readers say . . .

Here's what our readers had to say this week:

Patsy Guglielmo writes in response to last week's article, "For today only, do not panic": 

"Good job on staying calm. We all have stayed calm through the 'depression' and are fine, why not the 'swine' flu. Big deal!! What will they dream up next to stir us up to panic?


Thanks, Patsy.

Pamela Miles writes about the Catholic/Reiki controversy:

I have long felt that eventually Reiki would be in the US what medicine and the health care industry decides it is. Never did I imagine that Catholic bishops would help move this along. This apparent obstacle is a call to action and a sign of how significantly Reiki is showing up in health care.

Practitioners and students learning to think critically and communicate our practice credibly is a powerful antidote to this poison. If we look at most of the way Reiki is represented on the internet, the main wonder is that this didn't happen sooner.

Kudos for being on top of this. I'll be writing about it soon in ReikiUpdate.

Thanks, Pamela.

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