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Friday, May 08, 2009

Reiki Roundup: Another cynic won over

This week's Reiki Roundup begins in Knoville, Tennessee, where a proud cynic submits to a Reiki session. When he gets up from the table, he's not a cynic anymore -- at least not about Reiki.

"For me, Reiki with Munday is my eureka moment; she’s a miracle worker, as far as I’m concerned, and I look forward to future treatments. And though I look at Reiki foremost as a means of fostering inner healing—my session was tantamount to receiving a 60-minute transfusion of contentment and inner peace—I find other, unanticipated benefits, too," Metropulse's "resident cynic" Mike Gibson writes. 

On to Montana, where Reiki practitioners are among those exempted from a new law licensing massage therapists. Rightly so, since Reiki is not massage. Unfortunately some states require Reiki practitioners to be licensed massage therapists, and in some places the regulations vary from town to town. Check your local regulations to be sure.

Next stop, Lakewood, Ohio, where another reporter recommends Reiki.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a reporter interviews Catholics about Reiki, as does a reporter in Frederick, Maryland. In Appleton, Wisconsin, a fibromyalgia sufferer says, "I learned Reiki so I could Reiki myself." And in suburban Chicago, a former nun who turned to Reiki while fighting breast cancer is fondly remembered.


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