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Friday, May 01, 2009

Not a Reiki Master, but still a Celeb-Reiki

Our apologies to Matthew Broderick, one of our first Celeb-Reikies nearly three years ago. We cited multiple sources that reported he was a Reiki Master, but it turns out those sources were all mistaken. That's according to Broderick himself, who told a reporter that he isn't: 

Q: OK. But is anything on your Wikipedia page actually correct?
Broderick may not be a Reiki Master, or even a Reiki practitioner, but he's still a Celeb-Reiki just for mentioning Reiki in that interview.

In other Celeb-Reiki news, celebrity DJ Mark Ronson (son of Reiki Master Ann Dexter-Jones) was among the famous names attending the opening of the new W Hotel down the street from Reiki Digest world headquarters here in Hoboken, New Jersey, last week.


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