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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Congrats! And congrats -- to Reiki rider Hayden Roulston!

Reiki sports report (and birth announcement)

Hayden Roulston of New Zealand, the world's best-known Reiki-practicing athlete, finished his first Tour de France last Sunday with a respectable 79th place (out of 180 who began the race). Roulston came in third in the 14th stage after leading most of the race, and he was in the lead group most of the way up the dreaded Mont Ventoux as well on the tour's penultimate stage. That's a fantastic showing for any Tour participant, not to mention a first-timer. And when you consider that it happened three years after he was forced to retire from all sports due to a heart condition, it's even more amazing. The New York Times has called the Tour de France the most physically demanding athletic event in the world, the equivalent of three Mt. Everests and 21 marathons in 24 days.

But that's NOT the best thing that happened to him this week.

The best thing that happened to Roulston this week was the birth of his first child, Moses Roulston, the day after the Tour ended, in Italy, where Roulston and his partner Ange make their home (at least for now.)

For more on Roulston's tour ride, and the family's new arrival, check out his new blog.


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