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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our readers give thanks

Thanksgiving messages from our readers:

From Jo Morgan in Madison, Wisconsin:

I am grateful for my wonderful clients. The courage and dedication they exhibit on their way to wholeness is truly inspiring. I learn something valuable for my own personal growth work in every session with them. Their willingness to open up and humbly receive the energy as a blessing makes my serving as the conduit an honor, and often fosters beautiful, profound, personal spiritual experiences and insights for them.

I am grateful for the Reiki; this grounding balancing energy that directs my, and keeps me on, course.

Thanks, Jo!

From Bonney Ryan McWeeney in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Thank You Reiki Digest for giving me this opportunity to express my gratitude in written form.

I Am Grateful for all of the Lessons and Blessings that Reiki has brought into my life and my reality. I Am Grateful for my grown up children and their individual adventures exploring self-hood. Seeing them on their own journey gives me plenty of practice in trusting the Almighty and the Angels to guide their paths. (The Distance Reiki I send to them is taking care of Mom at the same time.)

I Am Grateful for the Reiki Healing Circle that I have been facilitating for 3 plus years in Las Vegas. I thought I was doing this for service to others when I started it, and now I know that it was for my own Highest & Best Good. I Am Also Grateful for the Reiki House a new Neighborhood Healing & Teaching Center that the Reiki Circle Family intends to bring into reality in 2010.

I Am Grateful for all of the miracles that I have witnessed and participated in through Reiki. I see and know now that there is a Magnificent Power for Good in the Universe that I could not have ever imagined years ago at the beginning of this journey. Every week I see people coming in for Reiki sick and tired and broken. Then I see those same people looking happy, healthy & filled with Loving Reiki Energy when they walk out of the circle. The happiness I have gained from this work has made me get a little younger every week.

I Am Grateful for the Shift In Consciousness that teaches us that Love & Light is Everlasting & Ever Expanding and that we are made of Love and Light (no matter what we seem to be otherwise). I have been calling this the "Namaste Consciousness" and it is growing stronger all around me. Treating others with love and respect in every action does make a difference in our world and in our reality. Giving and Receiving Loving Kindness as a daily practice gets easier with time. (Even though all of the healers I know find receiving a bit challenging in the beginning.)

I Am Grateful for my ever growing list of generous and happy private practice clients, students, & Reiki Circle members & participants. I Am Grateful that I Am a Pure and Perfect Channel for Reiki Healing Energy (which I have come to know as Un-Conditional Love & Compassion). When I reflect on all the people, situations, health issues, relationships and broken hearts that I have seen healed by this energy I Am AMAZED. The healing that Reiki gives to practitioners and patients alike is truly a holy gift. That anyone can do it...even me...still moves me to tears. What joy this Reiki Healing Energy has brought into my life. I Am So Thankful Every Single Day! Gratitude is my first waking thought in the morning and my last thought before sleep at night. (I Am Thankful for that too.)

How blessed am I to be able to tell you about this and know that others all over the world are having the same blessed experience.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks, Bonney!

From Judy Pattee in Kauai, Hawaii:

My gratitude is so grand for the awe and wonder of each day filled with the Sprit of Aloha ... the Spirit of Unconditional Love ... the Spirit of Reiki. The colors of the planet fill my eyes ... and the smiles of my grandbabies fill my heart. I give thanks to the bananas, papayas, pineapples that offer me life, and to the island people who offer me community and family. May we always remember we do not know what lies around the corner for us ... but we can always know it is something better than we can imagine. Mahalo!

Thanks, Judy!


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