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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Reiki Roundup

Location unknown: A Reiki teacher is among those missing after their sailboat, the SS Columbia, disappeared off the coast of Chile. The 13-meter Columbia was scheduled to arrive in Chile at the end of February, about the same time an 8.8 earthquake hit, and so far searches by the Chilean Coast Guard have found no sign of the vessel or its crew, which included Reiki teacher Josee (Jade) Chabot of Quebec, Canada.

Syracuse, New York, USA:
News 10 Now has this video report on Reiki at a local hospital.

Hagerstown, Maryland USA: Reiki is included in a WHAG-TV report on a new healing center.
"A randomised controlled single-blind trial of the effects of Reiki and positive imagery on well-being and salivary cortisol" came back with promising findings about the use of Reiki to mitigate stress.


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