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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wanted: Guest editors

Would you like to put together your own special edition of The Reiki Digest? Here's your chance!

As we enter our fourth year of publication, The Reiki Digest invites our readers to become editors. We'll be publishing four special themed editions during 2010, each one produced by a guest editor.

Each guest editor can choose the theme (Reiki-related, of course) for the issue, along with all the regular components of our publication, including:
  • The Weekly Waka
  • The Celeb-Reiki Report
  • The Reiki Roundup
  • The lead article
  • A special component chosen by the guest editor
What kind of themes are we talking about? Maybe you'd like to do a special edition focusing on Reiki self-care, marketing for Reiki practitioners, or Reiki meditations -- those are just a few examples.

What's in it for you? The satisfaction of creating your own special edition, and a higher profile on the web and in the global Reiki community.

What's in it for us? We believe that guest editors will not only allow us to better serve the global Reiki community, but eventually they might even make it possible for us to take a vacation now and then.

Does the guest editor have to write all the articles for the special edition? Not necessarily. You can include articles from other writers, but the bottom line is that you will be responsible for making sure all the components are there. If there are no reader submissions for The Weekly Waka, for example, you'll need to write one yourself.

Do guest editors need to have professional writing or editing experience? Experience does help, but it's not required.

Will the guest editor get help from the editor in putting together the special edition? Yes, we'll be happy to help, but the special edition will be YOUR responsibility.

Interested? Click here for the online application form.

Questions? Email

We will announce our first guest editor by April 1, 2010.


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