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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Got 12 seconds?

Longtime reader Steve Gooch writes:

Dear Janet,

I am writing to you to let you know about a project that I have developed that I am hoping will appeal to Reiki practitioners world-wide.

The project is called '12seconds for Peace', however within that is a sub-project called 'Reiki for Peace'.

12seconds for Peace is a collaborative video-arts project designed to raise the energy of manifestation for peace and to raise funds to help this happen. 12seconds for Peace is currently working in conjunction with the Humanity Healing Foundation to provide sustainable solutions to the plight of the war victims in Uganda.

I am inviting Reiki practitioners to contribute their own video - of 12seconds in length, to this project. All they need to do is 'send' or 'intend' Reiki through the medium of the video to the manifestation of peace. Many have contributed work to the project already. Reiki practitioners and masters everywhere, CAN make a difference in the world by contributing to this project.

The concept of the project has been so widely acclaimed that it is now being looked at seriously by the United Nations as a vehicle for their work, also by Palestinian peace activists to get their message for a desire for peace out to the world (they are already on board). It is also aligned with the Nobel Laureates 'Peace Jam' initiative and the Peace Day programme being promoted through 'Peace in Our Lifetime'. I am currently in negotation with Julian Lennon's charitable organisation 'The White Feather Foundation' to promote their agenda for a better and more just world and the 'Spiritual Broadcasting Network' are also now interested in doing a programme on the project.

This project is only 3 months old but is grabbing the world and kicking up a fire-storm of compassion for those in need.

Please go to: where you can find more details on the project.

Thanks, Steve! We'll look forward to seeing the results!


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