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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Waka Challenge Day 12: Another new voice

We're still waiting for a finish (or finishes) to yesterday's waka start by Beth Lowell:

we watched the stars
falling through the morning sky

Finish this waka by adding the next 3 lines as a comment to this post, or email your lines to editor @

Meanwhile, another new voice has joined the mix: Diane Hunt

Bolder violets
arise like dancing maidens
up from the garden
as their sisters sweet and shy
play hide and seek in the lawn

Unexpected worms
Listless,out of place swimmers
In the cat's water
plucked, sodden yet living still
Blissful now in soft,sweet soil

A ball of combed fur
tied up in the wild rose bush
The tufted tit mice
become enthusiastic
raiders of silken softness

After winter's cold
the ugly much maligned ticks
wake up ravenous,
bellies flat and leathery,
lie in wait for their next feast

By Diane Hunt

It's all part of our monthlong Waka Challenge, which continues through May 9.


Anonymous Stephen W. Leslie said...

we watched the stars
falling through the morning sky

A sudden light flash

Tremendous splash in the bay

In our faces…..astonishment

3:51 PM  

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