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Friday, July 30, 2010

Show us your Reiki room!

The Reiki Digest's senior editor Beth Lowell works with animals on a house call basis, but when she's home and meditating or doing self-treatment, she retreats to this quiet spot in her art studio.

Here in the northeast corner of the United States we’ve been experiencing a sweltering summer. While the heat has impacted our ability to spend as much time as we usually do outdoors, it’s also given us the opportunity for some extra quality Reiki and meditation time in the air conditioning.

What about you? We’re looking for pictures of your quiet space, whether you use it for Reiki meditation, self treatment, or treatment of others. It can be indoors or out, if you’ve been fortunate enough to have good weather where you are. And if yours is a part-time or shared space, we'd love to see that, too.

Please send your photo submissions to

We’ll post photos throughout August and as always enjoy reader comments. You can vote for your favorite Reiki room in September when we post our Reiki room poll.

Enjoy the rest of your August, and wherever you are in the world, we hope it’s a peaceful one!


Anonymous Patty said...

Will get right on it! Wow, what a super idea!!!!!!

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Linda in OK said...

I'm really sorry that I missed the deadline to post a photo of my Reiki room. I took the smallest bedroom in my home and transformed it into a "meditation" center, complete with Reiki table, massage chair and small sofa. To this I added a book case, soothing sounds, candles and aromatherapy. It is here that I see clients and where I begin and end each day.

1:18 PM  

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